Saturday, July 12, 2014

My little brother’s getting married!

Today, my little brother is getting married. It is going to be such a great day celebrating this couple!


Cant wait to show you pictures from the day!!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

4th of July!

Gotta love this American holiday!!!!  We had a great time up north spending time with some of our favorite people. We headed up to Blackduck for a couple days.

Road trip!- it took us about 4.5 hrs to get up there! Both girls did great. Clara pooped twice, ate twice, and cried only for about 1/2 an hr. I did spend a lot of time in the backseat entertaining however.


Once we got up there, we were alone in the cabin so we did a little Clara/Taylor pictures.


Then, Taylor checked out the lake


Everyone else was out on the pontoon or still on the way up. Once everyone got there, we had a great time hanging out with everyone!


Thanks again Matheson’s for letting us all use your beautiful cabin. I wish you guys could have been there!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Self Care

Interesting topic as it is something I have been focusing on. Self care can mean anything to you that makes you feel good. If you are not taking care of yourself you really can’t give anything else to others without eventually feeling depleted. Most people will hit rock bottom and have nothing else to give. What do you do for self care? It’s hard to prioritize actually. For me, it’s saying no because we are simply overbooked. It is reading at night. Exercising. Catching up and seeing friends. Quality time with each of my girls individually and Joe.  Crossing off a few things on my to-do list each week.   Eating healthy/cooking at home. Spending time with my dog. These are all things that I need to do weekly and daily, to not feel overspent on the giving side. I noticed that when you just give give give, or please please please, things start to fall apart. So self care if the focus this week, along with positive self talk.
It is funny because I listen to a pod series called “Working Motherhood” by Portia Jackson for motivation when I am feeling I need a little extra to pick my mood up and realize I can do it. I chose one today on my drive to work that all she talked about was self care and how important it is. As woman we feel so guilty if we aren’t on our “A” game in every area.  We are constantly judging ourselves on everything.  Whether you work full time, part time, stay at home with your kids (which is full time!!)  Letting go of the guilt of choosing yourself and your family over other obligations and simply letting stuff go. It was so ironic because that is what I am working on.. so how fitting it was my random choice today.
Take care of yourself ladies. You are the most important person to your family, and they want the best you every day. Don’t feel guilty (and this is soo hard!) The second you stop taking care of yourself (emotionally, mentally, physically) is when you start to feel sad and challenged in your life. J

Monday, June 30, 2014

The Good/The Bad/The Ugly.. and random

So, now that you read about our interesting few weeks, you will be happy to know that Clara is back on track. She is eating her normal amounts, smiling, and done with her medication. Let's hope it is all cleared!  She is just growing so fast. It's unbelievable. Not to mention I will have a  KINDERGARTNER in the fall. Can you believe it?

I can. Taylor has been so smart lately. She comes up with the quickest remarks and seriously remembers everything since she was 2 yrs old. I remember thinking i had a parenting "pass" until she was at least 3 with her remembering things.. nope! Man.  She is so independent and loving being a big sister.

We finally got grass last week. Joe cut it for the first time on Saturday.. The first time in our 9 yrs together that he has ever had to cut the grass! I dont know why, but so funny!  We are still loving the neighborhood which we live. So many kids, people are very nice but yet keep to themselves, and I love Taylor running around with the little girls in the neighborhood.

I find neighborhood living very interesting in terms of boundaries. Stuff you never think about. For example, every time Taylor goes outside to play, do I have to be out there? What do I do if Clara is sleeping or needs me inside and Taylor is out? --i let her play in our yard of the yard next to ours without me being outside. I can still see her and she is not allowed to go in the neighbors house unless she asks.  Then, the girls next door are 1-2 yrs older than her, so they can do things like run to the little park etc by themselves. Taylor wants to go with them and definitely doesnt want me tagging along, but I feel like that is a little too much for an almost 5 yr old, so that is a no go.  Then, the neighbor issue. Every single time some kids go outside, Taylor is stalking them out the window and in less than 2 mins she has her shoes on to go play.. Sometimes kids and families want to have their own moments. So I am teaching Taylor to ask if they can play, to ask if they WANT to play and try to show her some friendly manners.. ha ha! Then, girls came to our house to play. I gave them all popsicles and didnt think twice. ha ha. The next time she went over there, she sent Taylor over to see if she could have a possible first before she gave her one.. whoops!!!!

See, there are so many stipulations I have never even thought of. Don't even get me started on the neighborhood walking club.. It is just like the movies. One super nice mom (who has twins Clara's age which is awesome) invited me to come every Weds. I can feel some distant stares from the suspicious ladies who like that is it "their" club.. luckily I havent been home for it. I love all this stuff, but it is so funny what you come across living in a neighborhood.

How is this post for random?!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The ugly

Well, it got ugly.   Due to her blood work, having extremely high white blood cell counts, they assume it had already moved into her kidneys and were treating it also as a kidney infection. (great!) So, because of her age, we had to be admitted to the hospital. The ER was the saddest place ever. Babies and kids screaming and crying everywhere, and doctors in the middle trying to pacify every one. The next part was the worst. It took probably 1 hr, 6 nurses and about 10 needle pokes to get her IV in. At one point, I had to leave because Clara was crying so hard that I couldn't take it anymore. I walked around to only here so many other kids crying that I decided I would rather listen to my own kid scream like that. I turned to the nurse and said what are you going to do if you cant get the IV in her veins? They told me their was no option and they had to. Clara has a bruise on each foot, hand, and inside elbow for all of these attempts.


It sucked. But finally they to got it in. ARound 1 a.m. we got to our room. A specialist came and met us and tried having this super thorough and serious conversation around 2 am!! Joe and I had not ate anything besides some vending machine popcorn (we left Rogers at 4 pm) so we were so tired, mentally exhausted, starving and trying to comprehend what this guy was talking to us about! We finally got Clara calmed down around 3 a.m. We fell asleep on and off until 6a.m. but Clara slept horrible. So I am guessing we got about 2 hrs of sleep total that night. The tests started at 7 a.m. the next day. We did more blood work, vitals, and then were wheeled down to get a kidney scan. It is pretty rare for babies this young to get one, so they wanted to see everything. Which was so nice, although scary, and a relief!! It was so nice having ever procedure, blood test, and RESULTS! right at our finger tips since we were at the best hospital. Everything was pretty much read for us instantly. As we all know, waiting for the results is the worst part.  She looked great. At this point, we had to wait for her fever to be gone for 24 hrs without medicine, and her white blood cells to come down. This took another day and we finally got to go home. I can't even explain how amazing that hospital was. So worth the drive and so amazing. Anyways, that has been a week in a nutshell!!!

Here are the pics to round out the days

the most sterile crib ever


so tired and so sick


little hospital gown


Oh Clara, still managing a smile


really the only way she would sleep, in our arms


attempting sleep in her crib with her little IV


holding her dad’s finger


once she started feeling better, she started playing with her IV.. ha


I told Clara multiple times, if she needed a little more attention at home, I could have just used a vacation day or two to snuggle with her… Winking smile She is getting better day by day and we are soo thankful for the staff at Children’s!!!!! they were simply amazing. From the doctors, nurses, to the nursing assistants. That is how everyone should be treated, like they are a special patient. That is how we were for surely treated!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

The bad

like I said, the good, the bad, the ugly.

So the bad was Clara started getting a fever. I took her to urgent care on Sunday morning and posted this picture on Instagram:


First time at urgent care! She had a fever and I thought for sure it was her ears. She was up all night and not really eating, but kicking her legs up and thrashing around. Luckily, since I had a horrible hang over, I went to bed at 9 pm and Joe got up all ngiht. I heard about all of this in the morning. So off to UC. There they tested her for strep, looked at her ears, nothing. They said it’s pretty rare to just have a high fever (around 103.5) and nothing else. If it lasted into the evening I was suppose to call her dr. Well it lasted so I called. They said she needed to go to the ER to be seen. They recommended Children’s so that is where we headed. I started crying as you never know what outcome you are going to get. We got there and luckily not a soul was in the waiting room and we walked right in. Clara perked up.


The ER doc said that she looked fine and we all sort of chuckled about how good of spirits she was. (p.s. is it normal I was taking pictures—ahh probably not ha) She said she recommended a urine test and blood test, but would probably say nothing. Joe asked if we should even do it. I said knowing myself, yes we should as I will wonder if she doesn’t get better and we will be right back here. Bingo: UTI and because her white blood cell counts were so high, automatically assume kidney infection. Lovely. Then it turned into the ugly..  to be continued…..


Friday, June 20, 2014

The whirlwind!

So, I will start off my weekend last wknd. This will probably be a 4 series post, so stay tuned! A lot has happened in 1 wk. Smile The good- the bachlorette party, the bad- Clara getting a fever, the ugly- being admitted to children’s hospital.

The good!

My soon to be sister in law is getting married to my brother in 3 short weeks! We celebrated her last single night out last wknd. Talk about a blast. We drank, sat in the sun, chatted, got to know each other (the bridal party) and danced the night away. Please note to self: you are not 25 and able to hold your booze. I had a GREAT GREAT GREAT time, but spent Saturday a.m. dry heaving and puking, ha ha! Don’t remember the last time that happened…

I am not sure if Sam reads this, so hopeully if she does she doesn’t are about any pics I post! Smile


the super cute mom’s who were pretty good sports!


water beer pong below.. such a neat gift!


friends and bridesmaids


I wonder if it was a bad sign I don’t remember if we won or lost? ha ha


Sam’s sister and mom


underwear game! CAn you see that pair of undies has my brother’s picture on it? lol


why I was so sick on Saturday.. 3 shots for me


Mother daughter


Then the real fun/dancing begins!


Such a great night!